Have you tried to create a Smart Redirect but found there's no options in the drop-down menu?

One really simple reason could be that there aren't any questions in your survey that work with Smart Redirect.

Smart Redirects work with single option answers, to us normal humans that's:

- Single Choice

- Dropdown

1. Have a quick spy at your survey and check that you've got a Single Choice answer (that's a radio button):

With a single-choice answer in place, hit save.

2. Now head back to your Settings page.

3. Under Redirections you should now see that question appears in the dropdown:

4. Select the question and your answers should appear below, along with a nice place for you to paste your different URLS that you'd like to automatically take people to if they select that option:

If this hasn't helped or you need some clarification, please get in touch - we'd love to help you out as much as possible.