There's a few different options to creating a survey in ResponseSuite.

In this video, founder Rob takes you through it:

Or follow these simple steps:

1. In the left menu click 'surveys'

2. In the expanded menu select 'create'

3. Now you have three choices:

i. create from scratch

If you want to start over with a blank survey canvas, select this option.

ii. duplicate one of your surveys
If you already have a survey you've created and want to use that as starting point for a new survey, select this option.

iii. use one of our fabulous templates

Coming (very) soon: we've designed some useful templates that you can then customise for your specific needs.

4. Name your survey - this is is not shown to people who complete your survey, but it does show up in your list of surveys so make your title quite descriptive.

Plus you can add further clarification in the 'internal description' box.

5. Hit create survey and you're done.

As soon as you click 'create survey' you'll be taken straight to the survey builder. In case you'd find it helpful, there's another tutorial on this here