What happens once someone fills out your survey and hits the submit button?

In ResponseSuite you've got a bunch of options:

1. Head to your survey settings page.

2. In the left menu select 'redirections'.

3. Now you'll see you've got 4 options:

i. Stay On Survey Page

This is the simplest option. Once they've completed your survey they stay on the survey page and a little message appears to say they've submitted the survey.

ii. Standard Thank You Page

Instead of staying on the survey page you can send people to a standard responsesuite thank you page which acknowledges the survey has been submitted.

iii. Your Own URL

Now it's starting to get interesting.

One of the reasons we started the ResponseSuite concept was because other survey solutions wouldn't let you send people to your own 'thank you' page unless you paid them a king's ransom a year in advance. 

Just type or paste your own URL in to the field and when someone finishes and submits your survey, they'll be taken straight to the page.

iv. Smart URLs

This is a beast!

Depending on how someone answers one of your single-choice questions - you can take them to a different 'thank you' page.

If you have a radio button (single choice) answer-type in your survey, for example in the fitness niche, which asks 'What do you need help with right now?' you could have 5 options for people to choose from:

- Mindset

- Nutrition

- Exercise

- I'm too busy

- Confidence in the gym

If someone selects that the thing they need most help with right now is their mindset, at the end of the survey you can take them to a page specifically about mindset. You could even offer them a mindset product.

You do this for each of the options and are able to put the perfect offer in front of each person at the very moment they tell you they're looking for help in that area.

Hello increased conversions!

4. Click 'save' and you're done.