While ResponseSuite integrates with some of the most popular autoresponders on the planet, and we're adding new integrations pretty regularly, we want a catch all way to integrate no matter which email marketing or crm platform you use.

Here's how you do it (it's a piece of cake):

1. Go right to the survey you want to integrate with.

Since you're not connecting to an API autoresponder system, you don't need to do anything in the Integration Setup area. Just head directly to the survey you want to integrate with in to the settings area by clicking on the cog.

2. Select the Integrations tab in the left hand menu.

3. Choose the Custom HTML option.
Click 'fetch'.

4. Give your HTML form a name

This is for your own reference so you can tell which form is which.

5. Paste your HTML form code in to the box.

6. Hit 'Search for Fields'

7. Pair up your form code fields with your ResponseSuite survey answer fields. 

8. Select when people should be added through this form.

Use the dropdown menu to tell ResponseSuite when it should push people through this form, Always? Never? Or perhaps only when the select a particular answer in a single-choice question. 

9. Repeat if you like.

You can add as many forms in to this and this will allow you to push people from ResponseSuite through one of your forms depending on which answers they select to a single-choice questions (such as a Single Choice radio button or Drop Down).

9. Click 'Save'.