Yes, pretty much.

Unlike many online systems, we don't force a random subdomain on our customers. After all, your subdomain is a perfect chance for you to brand your surveys right inside the URL bar.

The Only Restrictions We Have

There are only three types of restrictions we have on what your subdomain can be:

1. Offensive. Profanity or 'naughty' words and phrases, any kind of hate isn't allowed. Let's make this patch of the internet a positive space.

2. Masquerading. For the protection of our customers, internet users and ourselves as a company, we cannot allow any subdomains that could be perceived as a page coming directly from us. E.g., etc aren't allowed.

3. Registered Trademarks. While we cannot police this, if you use someone else's company name that's not cool so you could be asked to change your subdomain. E.g. would not be a good idea.  

We highly suggest that you use your company name, the initials of your company name or a variation on your name as your subdomain to build trust with your respondents.