Yes you can, but there's a few ways of doing it.

Before we launch in to how do this, let's just clear up that you can only integrate one account of each autoresponder. 

For example, if you use Aweber, you'll be able to link your ResponseSuite account with one Aweber account. If you have more than one Aweber account, while you can't connect more than one Aweber account via the snazzy API, there's a really simple workaround: 

The Custom HTML Workaround

Log in to your autoresponder and create a form that feeds people in to the followup sequences you want.

Grab the form code they supply.

In ResponseSuite go to the survey you want to integrate with and select Settings > Integration (in the left menu).

Now choose Custom HTML and paste your form code in to the field.

Save. Now you can do it again with other lists and autoresponder accounts.

The Multi Autoresponder Workaround

Another way of squeezing more autoresponder integrations in to your ResponseSuite account is to use different autoresponder providers. For example, one Aweber account and a Sendlane account. You can integrate one account per provider.