Want to customise how your embedded survey looks when you use the ResponseSuite javascript embed code?

(If you're looking for the simple iframe embed options, check out this article)

We're always adding new ways you can make your surveys look more snazzy.

The script tag might look something like this when you copy it from the share page:

<script src="https://yourdomain.responsesuite.com/js/embed.js" survey="12345678"></script>

But we've added some options:

Include The ResponseSuite Header

By default, the fancy header area is not shown when you embed, you can display it by adding the parameter: header="yes"

So this example survey with the parameter would read:

<script src="https://yourdomain.responsesuite.com/js/embed.js" survey="12345678" header="yes"></script>

Adjust Height and Width

These are set to 100% by default, but if you have other ideas you can override those things with:





This example will display the survey with the header turned on, and the survey will be 60% of the width:

<script src="https://yourdomain.responsesuite.com/js/embed.js" survey="12345678" header="yes" width="60%"</script>


This can only be specified in pixels, not in percent:



This example will show the survey without the header (header is off by default, remember) at a width of 60% and will be 800 pixels in height:

<script src="https://yourdomain.responsesuite.com/js/embed.js" survey="12345678" width="60%" height="800px"</script>

Want to do more with your embed parameters? Drop us a Support Ticket - we listen to all suggestions (and act on most of them very quickly).