You've created a gorgeous survey and sent it out - so what's the quickest way of looking at the responses?

Well, I'm pleased you asked.

In your left menu go to Surveys > My Surveys

You'll see a list of surveys you've created, like this:

To view the submissions to a survey it's just a single click on the magnifying glass icon next to the survey itself:

From here you'll be able to see all of the responses (just scroll left and right to see every question).

You'll also notice that in this view there is a Trash Can on each row - this makes it possible for you to delete all of the responses of a particular respondent if you'd like to (this may be because you're testing something or due to a Right To Be Forgotten Request by a respondent in accordance to GDPR):

If the magnifying glass is faded out and not clickable that just means you haven't got any responses to your survey yet so there's no results to see: