If you're not already a ResponseSuite customer, this process is slightly different so please check out the article for becoming an affiliate if you're not a ResponseSuite customer, here.

As a ResponseSuite customer you can join our affiliate program and earn a recurring income for recommending ResponseSuite.

The easiest way to do this is to sign up for our Affiliate Program and then turn on the ResponseSuite footer at the bottom of every survey you send out and making it your affiliate link. That means your can passively start earning commissions from people who click through that link.

How do you join?

Inside of your ResponseSuite app, click on the Join Affiliate Program link in the left-hand menu. Since we already have most of your information all we need you to do is give us your PayPal address (so we can send you your commissions) and then to read and confirm you agree to the terms and conditions by checking the little box.

How do I promote?

Now you've joined the ResponseSuite Affiliate program you'll have access to your Affiliate Dashboard.

From here you can see how many clicks you've sent through your links, as well as how many total sales you have made, how many active accounts there are that came in through your referral link, and of course your outstanding commission amounts.

Plus there is a full Statement so you can check out everything at any time, for total transparency.

This is also where you'll find your unique Affiliate link that you can use to promote ResponseSuite. 

How and when do I get paid?

We pay out via PayPal once payments have cleared for 30 days (this saves you any hassle with refunds etc). Of course keep in mind that some people will join ResponseSuite through a 14-day free trial before then making a payment.