If you're getting traffic to your surveys but a low completion rate then connecting Hotjar to your ResponseSuite account will allow you watch people filling out your survey, and identify exactly where they are dropping off. 

Step 1

Sign up for a free Hotjar account at https://www.hotjar.com/ 

Step 2

Connect your ResponseSuite domain (note: only use the url up to the .com)

Step 3

Start recording visitors to that domain

Step 4

Go to the Sites & Organizations page and grab your tracking Site ID

Step 5

Add your Hotjar Site ID to your ResponseSuite company profile.

Login to ResponseSuite > Click the Setting cog in top right corner > add code to 'Hotjar tracking code' box > save

Step 6

Turn on Hotjar tracking for each survey that you would like to record. 

Find your survey in ResponseSuite > survey settings  > tick the 'Hotjar' check box

Step 7

Visit any of the surveys that you have activated Hotjar on. You can find the survey URL in the 'share' page of your survey. 

NOTE: You must visit the survey as if you were a visitor, not through ResponseSuite preview. 

Step 8

Check your tracking code has been activated in Hotjar.

Hotjar > Sites & Organizations > refresh page and icon should go from red to green.

Step 9 

In the settings of your Hotjar domain, go to 'URL CHANGES' and switch to 'Track changes automatically, including fragments'.

If you are having trouble getting set up, just pop us a support message and we'll be happy to help.