It's really simple to trigger an Automation in ActiveCampaign when someone fills out your ResponseSuite survey.

Once you have built your survey, making sure you have an email field set in your ResponseSuite survey (ActiveCampaign will reject a submission if there's no email address):

1. From your ResponseSuite Dashboard select Integration Setup and select ActiveCampaign. Now follow the instructions to connect your ResponseSuite account to your ActiveCampaign.

2. In your survey go to Settings > Integrations and select ActiveCampaign.

3. Pair up the ResponseSuite fields (in the left column) that you'd like to send to ActiveCampaign (right column of dropdown menus) to your ActiveCampaign fields. Note: you must pair the email field from your survey to the ActiveCampaign email field or ActiveCampaign will reject the integration. 

4. Select which Lists and/or tags to activate when the survey is completed. You can choose to add people to different lists and tag them differently based on their choices and scores here.

Now Go To Your ActiveCampaign Account

5. Create a new Automation.

6. Set the starting trigger of that Automation to be when a contact is added to the list/is tagged with what you set in the Triggers in step 4 above.

7. Finish up the rest of your automation, add emails, delays etc.

Set the whole thing to live. And you're done.