We all get frustrated from time to time when things are not going how we want them to be. However we must remember that when we hit 'send' on a message, there is a real human being receiving it on the other end.

We are here to help you with your issues and queries. However, just like that sign you see in hospitals, we won't accept aggression towards us and our staff. We're here to help.

Here is our Respect Policy we ask all customers to comply with in our communities, through support and communication between fellow customers, users and our staff:

  1. Real Human Beings
    Remember real human beings with feelings are reading and replying to your messages. Consider their feelings.
  2. Respect.
    Treat people with respect and be kind, you'll feel better and you'll put them in a better mood so you'll get a more helpful, more up-beat reply too.
  3. Seek To Understand
    Rather than blaming we all seek to understand and empathise with the person on the other end of the communications.  
  4. No Aggression, Name Calling or Demanding
    We are a small team, and that means we care a lot about every individual customer and our team is like a family. We take everything personally.
  5. Would You Be Embarrassed?
    A good question to ask before hitting send on a message is, "If someone showed my kids my message a year from now when I'll be feeling calmer, would I be embarrassed at my behaviour and/or tone?" If you would, then chill. It's cool. Just don't send it.
  6. Vent. Take Time. Then Edit Before Sending.
    In the moment we all get emotional, technology is frustrating and causes us issues. We get it. We feel like that every day too. So take out your frustration by writing the emotionally charged email. But don't send it. Give yourself an hour to get some perspective. Then come back and edit it, make it kind and helpful, then send it.
  7. Don't be a Dick.