Sometimes when surveys are embedded on your own web pages they can appear to load slowly. So here are some causes and solutions for you:

One of the main reasons surveys that are embedded on other websites load slowly is because the tech used to do this is an iFrame. A ResponseSuite survey can only load into these iFrames once the page itself has loaded the iFrame in.

The challenge with a lot of these modern page building tools (and yes, we use them too) is they don't give you any control over what order to load things in. And many of them load iFrames last.

So it might look like the survey isn't loading, when really its the page that is loading the iFrame last, making it all look a bit slower.

We are constantly looking at ways of making ResponseSuite surveys leaner and load faster but here are 3 other elements to consider too:

  1. Page load speed. Is the page that it's embedded on loading quickly? Most page builders use a lot of code to give non techies the freedom to make pages. But this code can be large and comes at the price of page load speed.
  2. Computer speed. If the computer is running slow, it'll load web pages up slowly in the web browser.
  3. Internet speed.

How To Boost Load Speed

Here's some ideas for you:

  1. Give the iFrame priority when a page loads so that it can load the iFrame and then go off to ResponseSuite to load the content of that iFrame.
  2. Make sure your pages are very lean. Make sure images and videos are optimised, for example.
  3. Reduce embedded videos on surveys as much as possible because there we are relying on how quickly the video service passes that video back to us.
  4. Instead of embedding your surveys, use the sharable links to go direct to ResponseSuite.