Before you get stuck into Countdown Hero, it’s super important that you understand both HOW and WHY Countdown Hero works in the way that it does.

Countdown Hero doesn’t use any easy-to-break technology like IP Addresses or Cookies and also doesn’t work based on largely inaccurate metrics such as page loads or email opens.

Instead, Countdown Hero is hard-coded to the email addresses of your subscribers, making it totally impenetrable and keeping your special offers and promotions secure.

Using our game-changing ‘404 Method’ we can hide entire webpages with your special offers from the rest of the internet, only allowing your subscribers with an active countdown timer to get inside. The 404 Method will quite literally lock everyone else out from your offer pages, allowing you to run incredible promotions with absolute urgency.

(Think of Countdown Hero like the bouncer at your local bar, checking for ID)

For more information about how Countdown Hero works, and examples of how to use it, watch this short video from Rob;