Inside of Countdown Hero, there are 3 different types of countdown available, which can be divided into 2 different categories; Evergreen and Fixed Date timers.

The 2x Evergreen timers are as follows;

  1. In X days at a chosen time (Eg. In 3 days at 10pm)
  2. In X hours and minutes (Eg. In 2 hours and 30 minutes)

Once you have built an evergreen Countdown Hero, you’ll be able to automate it so that it can run for you at any point in the future.

These timers are great for campaigns such as Flash Sales or Tripwire offers.

The Fixed Date timer is as follows;

  • At a Fixed Date & Time (At 10pm on Saturday 25th June 2023)

This can be used for any promotions that rely on a fixed calendar date and time, such as the moment that the price of your signature programme goes up.

Just select which type of countdown that you’d like to use and you’ll be able to move onto the next step.




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