When you’re creating an evergreen timer, you’ll want to go ahead and select the relevant type of timer, based on the offer that you’re working towards:

  • In X days at a chosen time (Best for Flash Sales or limited-time promotions)
  • In X hours and minutes (Best for tripwires and upsells)

Once you’ve selected your timer type, you’ll be able to go ahead and set up the timeframe for your countdown.

In the fields marked either [Day/Time] or [Hours/Minutes], add the details around how long you would like your countdown to count down for, before expiring.

(NOTE: For the Day/Time countdown, you should treat today as Day 0, tomorrow would then be Day 1 and so on)

You’ll also be able to set up the timezone in which you would like your countdown campaign to operate within. 

Select your current timezone from the dropdown menu, or the timezone of your business (if it’s different to your current timezone)