Ready to combine the power of multiple AutomateHero timers, into one simple-to-use tool? Welcome to Chain Hero!

IMPORTANT: Before using Chain Hero, you must set up each of your chosen Heroes separately and as if they were being used on your page independently.

Setting Up Your Chain Hero:

  1. Log into < > using your membership credentials and create a new Chain Hero.

  2. Give your Chain Hero a clear name/label.

  3. In the 'Destination URL', enter the URL of the page you want use your Heroes on.

  4. From the popup that appears (or by clicking the green 'Add A New Hero' button), you can search for and select one of the Heroes that you'd like to include on your page. Click 'Ok' to add that Hero.

  5. Repeat Step 4 to add any number of Heroes that you'd like to use together.

  6. Click 'Save & Get Code'. You'll see a number of new fields appear in a yellow field.

  7. Locate the 'Embed Code' at the bottom of your Chain Hero and copy this code.

  8. Open your Page Editor for the Destination URL.

  9. Paste the Embed Code onto your page as a HTML element. (Make sure to remove any other code from any other Hero on your page too as that is no longer required)

    IMPORTANT: If you are using a Countdown Hero as part of this Chain Hero, your Chain Hero code will replace your CDH timer code. Simply use the Chain Hero embed code as if it was your CDH timer code.

  10. When linking your subscribers to your Destination URL from your emails, instead use the 'Redirect Link' (found at the top of your Chain Hero settings) and not your regular page URL.

    NOTE: If you are using a Countdown Hero for this, you will still need to make sure that you are triggering the timer as normal. Do not replace any of your CDH trigger links with a Chain Hero link.

  11. That's it! :)

Chain Hero is now going to be working for you to make sure that all of your Heroes are loading on your page and working in the background to help you make the highest impact with each piece of your marketing.

IMPORTANT: It is worth mentioning that whilst Chain Hero allows you to combine Heroes together, there are some pairings that won't work together in a Chain due to the nature of the technology involved. For example:

  • Video Hero + Time Lord Hero: This combination will not work as your Video Hero is set to track a specific video, which Time Lord Hero will replace during your promotion - therefore making it impossible for Video Hero to track the consumption of that original video (because it's no longer on the page!)


NOT A MEMBER? Not a problem!

Just shoot us an email to < > asking for more information and we'll be able to explain how to get access to Chain Hero and our full suite of AutomateHero software tools (plus more!).