Ready to launch your next Time Lord Campaign in style?

Using Time Lord Hero, you can not automate the videos updating on your pages so that you can run this entire campaign WITHOUT ever needing to log in and manually update your videos each day of the promotion.

Plus, you can now automate your best Evergreen Urgency campaigns using Time Lord Hero too with our EVERGREEN Time Lord Hero setting too.

Setting Up Your Time Lord Hero:

  1. Give your Time Lord Hero a name (and label, if applicable).

  2. Paste in the URL of the page that will contain the video that you'd like to replace inside of the 'Webpage Containing the Video' field.

  3. (OPTIONAL) If your page already contains multiple videos, you may need to set the 'Video Name' field as the specific ID of the video that you'd like to change. Otherwise, Time Lord Hero will treat the first video that appears on the page as the one to change.

  4. From the 'Hero Type' select either LIVE or EVERGREEN based on whether this is a real-time promotion, or one that you'd like to evergreen and automate.

  5. For a LIVE Time Lord Hero, set the 'Offer Expiry Date' and 'Expiry Time' to when you'd like the offer to close.

    For an EVERGREEN Time Lord Hero, set the 'Campaign Length' and 'Expiry Time' to however long you would like this campaign to be.

    (IMPORTANT: When using an Evergreen Time Lord Hero, the day that the campaign starts will be treated as 'Day 0' and not Day 1 of the promotion)

  6. Set the Timezone to the correct timezone of your business.

  7. From the 'Video Auto-Replace Settings' section, you will now set up the next video that you would like your Time Lord Hero to switch in when the time conditions are met.

    For a LIVE Hero, you'll do this by setting the Display Date & Display Time you want the next video to show.

    For an EVERGREEN Hero, you'll do this by setting the 'Display on Day #' and 'Display Time' instead.

  8. Next, copy the URL (or the specific 'Share Link') of the video you'd like to switch-into your page, from your Video Hosting Platform. You will paste this in the 'New Video URL' field.

  9. If you'd like to add multiple videos into this campaign, you can click the green 'Add another Video' button and follow steps 7-8 to add any number of videos for this promotion.

  10. (OPTIONAL) If you would like your subscribers email address to remain in the URL bar when they land on this page from your email, you can enable the 'Forward Email Address To The Page' setting. (We typically recommend leaving this enabled)

  11. In the 'Expired Offer Page' field, enter the URL of the page that you'd like to take your subscribers to if they try to access your offer after it has expired. This must be different to your 'Webpage Containing the Video' from Step 2.

  12. (OPTIONAL) If you would like to add a custom popup field over your offer page to inform your subscribers that the offer has expired first, before you redirect them to your expired page, you can able this using the 'Expired Popup' feature.

  13. (OPTIONAL) Because Time Lord Hero will be securely locking your offer page for your EVERGREEN Heroes (just like Countdown Hero), any traffic arriving to your offer page outside of your Time Lord Hero link will instead see a 404 Page.

    If you would like to replace this with your own custom page, you can enter that in the 404 Page Alternative field and they will instead be redirected to that page instead. We typically enter our Expired Offer Page in this field too.

    (NOTE: This option will only display for our EVERGREEN Time Lord Heroes)

  14. Click 'Save & Get Code' to generate the Time Lord Hero Code & Evergreen Page/Trigger Links.

  15. Copy the code from the field named 'Embed code (for adding to the webpage to watch)' and paste this onto your page as a regular HTML Element. This will allow Time Lord Hero to update your video when the page is loaded for your subscriber. Make sure to publish this page with the new code.

  16. If you are using a LIVE Time Lord Hero, this process is now complete. If you are using an EVERGREEN Time Lord Hero, continue to Step 17.

  17. In order for Time Lord Hero to track the expiry date and time for your subscribers, you will need to trigger the start of the Hero by using; a HTTP Post/ Webhook inside your automation or a link being clicked inside your email.

    Depending on which option you're using, you'll need to copy either the Click Link trigger and use that as the link inside your emails, or the POST Link (for webhooks and HTTP Posts).

  18. If you have used a POST Link (triggering the Time Lord Hero using a HTTP Post/ Webhook), you will then need to use the link found in the field titled, 'Link you'll use to get to your page' as the link inside your emails.

  19. This process is now complete for EVERGREEN Time Lord Heroes.

(Optional) Adding Merge Fields Onto Your Page:

One powerful feature within Time Lord Hero is that it will also allow you dynamically merge custom data from your Time Lord Hero into the copy on your page as if that was really typed onto the page.

For example, you can merge your subscriber's unique Expiry Date along with the number of days remaining in the campaign, directly into the copy on your page.

This is similar to the way that Scarcity Hero dynamically updates fields such as the number of units available/ taken/ remaining on your offer page.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. From the 'Merge Fields' section, select the format you'd like the Expiry Date to display in from the dropdown menu.

  2. For each merge field that you'd like to add into the text on your webpage, copy the merge tag from Time Lord Hero and paste that in the correct position of the text on your webpage.

  3. Make sure that the merge tag is designed correctly so that it matches any copy that surrounds it (just so that it doesn't look weird when the page loads!)

  4. Publish your webpage. Time Lord Hero will now dynamically update the merge tag for your subscribers when they click through to visit your Time Lord Hero offer page based on the status of your campaign, or their unique deadline (if evergreen).