We're built for flexibility, if ResponseSuite was an Olympian, it would be a gymnast.

Yes, you can change your subdomain at any time, just drop us a quick support ticket to let us know.

One word of warning though, if you have already created surveys and shared them - by changing your subdomain anyone who tries to go to the old link won't find your survey.

So if your survey was at https://lovelytiger.responsesuite.com/q/pet-survey but you change your subdomain from lovelytiger to 'strokingcuckoos' that survey would now be at https://strokingcuckoos.responsesuite.com/q/pet-survey and anyone who tried to go to the old link (lovelytiger) wouldn't find your survey.

Basically, don't take the decision to change subdomain lightly. I know you wouldn't :)

One of the most popular reasons people ask for an update on their subdomain is because they accidentally typed it wrong when singing up, don't worry I type stufr wring all the toime. We'll sort it for you, just drop us a support ticket - easy.