ResponseSuite only allows you to email notifications and responses directly to email addresses with a registered User Account of ResponseSuite (details of why are at the end of this article). 

For instructions on how to send notifications to registered Users click here.

However, there are various reasons that you might want to send these notifications to folks who don't have an account. So fear thee not, there is a really simple solution to this.

ResponseSuite's core feature is that we integrate with email marketing platforms. And it is this we will use to send the notifications.

1. Integrate your ResponseSuite account to your email marketing platform of choice.

2. In the survey you'd like to send notifications about go to Settings > Integrations

3. Hook up your email marketing platform to your survey.

4. Pass the survey responses into Custom Fields in your email marketing platform and set this to Always trigger. 

5. In your email marketing platform, set up an auto email to merge in the Custom Fields you're sending the survey responses into, and set it to email your desired recipient automatically.

Now you can send your survey responses to as many different people as you would like.

If we don't directly integrate with your email service then you can use our Zapier integration to connect to even more apps and systems which will allow you to set up notifications in even more ways.


Why have we chosen not to allow notifications and responses to be sent freely to any email address?

In observing other survey platforms, one of the things they have struggled with is SPAM complaints for emails. This leads to poor deliverability rates of all emails sent from that provider.

We are very mindful that we don't want ResponseSuite customers struggling to receive important emails from us, emails such as notifications of new submissions, password reset emails, billing emails etc. These being caught in filters would cause a lot of distress and frustration to customers.

Since we're not an email platform, and we integrate with email platforms, we try to keep the number of emails we send from our servers to a minimum, and make sure they are relevant.

We also did not want any of those naughty internet scammers taking advantage of ResponseSuite to send unsolicited mail through our system - again protecting our customers.

This is why we only allow submission notifications and responses to be sent to registered account users of ResponseSuite. Thankfully, our tight integration with many of the world's leading email companies means we rely on the email experts to deliver emails.