When adding Answers to a Question in ResponseSuite, there's a handy button that appears called 'Add Again'.

This is a really quick way of adding more and more Answers to a question. It's particularly useful when adding Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Image Answers and Button Answers.

When you click 'Add Again', the ResponseSuite builder will look at the bottom Answer in that column (or row) and add in an exact duplicate of that again under it.

To save you time, it duplicates the last option exactly including it's properties. This is particularly useful if you've made a nice image or button answer, for example.

Note: If you have a series of radio buttons or check boxes and your last answer has the 'Other' property switched on, where the respondent can type over the answer with their own answer, the 'Other' property will be switched on when you hit 'Add Again'.