You can send respondents back to their score page by sending the URL of the survey's thank you page into a field in your email marketing system.

It's simple too:

In the survey Builder click into the Settings stage then in Marketing Integrations you'll see you can hook the Redirect URL up to any field in your email marketing/CRM system:

This is really handy for sending people back to their score page, or to the exact thank you page your survey redirected them to.

Imagine you're using ResponseSuite's smart thank you page redirects to display a different offer depending on their choices in the survey or quiz. Merge that field into an email and send them right back to that same offer - meaning no need to write a whole extra email sequence. 

And if there's no redirect, for example you set the redirect to Stay on the page and display a message, no problem. ResponseSuite just won't send anything into that field. (Just check you didn't make that field required in your email/CRMS system)