Adding the Privacy Policy Pop-Up will give visitors to your published survey options about which cookies are loaded onto the survey, giving them choices about their privacy.

By switching this 'on', ResponseSuite will not load marketing cookies such as Facebook Pixel, Google and Hot Jar when the survey first loads.

These will only be loaded on the page if/when the visitor checks the box to give permission to load 'Marketing Cookies'.

Unless this is checked and submitted, ResponseSuite only loads Essential cookies and tracking that are used for the core workings of making the survey work. Such as IP address and other information that we use to ensure things like multiple submissions can't be made by the same visitor if that feature is enabled.

You can completely customise the message as it appears to fit your brand voice. Please note that the legality and compliance this text offers you is your responsibility. 

How to Set Your GDPR Cookie Policy Pop Up on Your ResponseSuite Survey

  1. You set the GDPR/Cookie Policy Pop-Up on a survey by survey basis. So in a survey go to the Settings stage of the builder.
  2. Make sure you're in the General Tab in the left menu.
  3. The Features tab in the right pane.
  4. Check the box next to 'Show Cookie Policy Permission Pop-Up (GDPR).
  5. Either use our default text or update the text for the pop up by clicking and typing. (You can add links to your Privacy Policy and other legal pages by highlighting any text and adding in a link using the Text Editor Menu that appears. All links open in a new Tab).
  6. If you make a mistake and want to restore our default text, click the Restore Default button in the bottom right.
  7. Click the green 'Save' icon button in the bottom right.

Here's a screenshot with the points from above numbered: