A tripwire offer is a great way to make offers to new subscribers on the following page after they have entered their details into your opt-in forms.

And, using Countdown Hero, you can create a POWERFUL sense of urgency and drive your subscribers to take action and purchase the offer, register for the webinar or complete their application.

To do this, you'll want to go ahead and configure the main settings for your Countdown Hero first, including the expiry time, landing pages and countdown design, before adding your Countdown Hero onto your pages.

(^^ You can follow the in-app tutorials to get these sections set up)

Next, you'll want to make sure that your countdown timers are being triggered correctly by the opt-in form.

A) How To Trigger Your Tripwire Countdown:

1) Copy the 'ThankYou Page URL' from inside of Countdown Hero.

2) Set this URL as as your new 'Thank You Page' inside your form builder. Save & Publish the form/page.

(IMPORTANT: Make sure that your form is also set up to immediately add the subscriber to your email list if you're not using a form built inside your email marketing platform)

3) Visit the opt-in form and test it. 

Once you complete and submit the opt-in form, you should then be redirected to your tripwire offer page and your timer should also begin counting down to the correct expiry time. 

However, if your page loads briefly and then proceeds to present a 404 Error, that means that your opt-in form didn't accurately pass through the subscribers email address into the URL of your thank you page.

When Countdown Hero checked for the subscriber's email address, it found no information and instead locked the page, keeping your offer secure from 'non-subscribers'.

Whilst passing this information through is common practice across many email marketing platforms, this is not the case for all platforms and so you will also need to follow the next steps to merge the email address into the URL Parameters of your thank you page, if this was a problem.

B: Adding URL Parameters To Your Thank You Page:

(NOTE: The following steps are from a use case using the page builder Elementor and so you may need to adapt the following steps base on your platform requirements, or you can contact your form provider for their instructions on how to achieve this)

  1. Firstly, you'll want to edit your form's Advanced Settings to give the email field a specific ID tag. (I'd recommend just using < email > for ease of implementation)

  2. Then, you should be presented with a shortcode that uses this ID. It might look something like < [field id="email"] >. Copy that shortcode.

  3. Paste the shortcode onto the end of your Countdown Hero ThankYou Page URL, in the following format:

    (This is the step that will allow Countdown Hero to see the email address, create a timer, and take them to the correct page as the form redirects after it has been submitted.)

    [YOUR UNIQUE THANK YOU PAGE URL]?email=[field id="email"]

    ^^ Just make sure to add < ?email= > before you paste the shortcode onto the end.

    IMPORTANT: The example < [field id="email"] > block will NOT work for all platforms. You will need to replace this with the specific email merge code based on your particular form provider. 

    For example, it will look like this when using an ActiveCampaign form that uses their personalisation code < %EMAIL >; 

    If you're not sure what this merge code is, you can either Google it (that usually always helps!) or reach out to the support team of your form provider to share that information with you.

  4. Save & Publish the form/page.

  5. Test the opt-in form. Once your form has been set up correctly, you should now be redirected to your tripwire offer page accurately and without the 404 Error displaying.

    If you are still seeing a 404 Error, check with your form builder to confirm that the email is being passed through correctly based on their system requirements.

C) Using Kartra/ ‘Other Platform’ Integrations

Due to limitations in platforms such as Kartra and Kajabi, the email address of the subscriber is not passed from the form into the URL Parameters of the ThankYou Page.

This limitation would typically break Countdown Hero as we require the email address in order to start the timer however instead, you can use our new ‘Countdown Code Trigger’ to make this possible.

Just copy/paste this Embed Code as a HTML block on your opt-in/form page and when a subscriber completes the opt-in, they will automatically be redirected to your Countdown Hero page and their timer will be created.

(NOTE: This is not available to all integrations, only those directly affected by the form limitations)