In some cases, you might want to add your Countdown Hero timer to both your Sales/Offer Page and also the on the next Checkout Page/ Checkout Cart to keep the urgency high.

Due to limitations on a number of page-builders, this isn't always possible, however here's what to look out for in order to get this set up:

(DISCLAIMER: To do this, you'll need a 'Countdown Hero - Pro' account)

>> Click Here To Watch A Video Walkthrough For This <<

As you know, Countdown Hero requires an email address to be present in the URL bar in order to 'unlock' page access for a particular subscriber, which typically gets merged in at the point of the opt-in or clicking the links in your emails.

Normally, when you click the button on the sales page to go to the checkout cart, all of the URL parameters are left behind, meaning that the page will appear locked (404'd) for any users as they click that button.

Because of that, the only major requirement is that the buttons on your sales pages can also pass the URL parameters through to the checkout page.

(In case it helps, we use Convertri as our page builder, though you may need to confirm that this is also possible with the support team for your page builder, in case it's not a 'Google-able' answer)

^^ That way you'll be able to add a countdown onto your checkout page too.

Equally, if you'd prefer to send your subscribers directly to the checkout page without the countdown timer, you can just use your normal checkout page URL on that button and that will work as normal.

Quick-Start Implementation Checklist:

If your page-builder DOES allow you to pass the URL parameters through to the next page, follow these steps;

  1. Add the Checkout Cart as a page inside your Countdown Hero settings.

  2. Paste the Redirect URL of the Checkout Cart as the button links on your Sales/Offer page.

    (IMPORTANT: You'll also want to remove the < ?email=[email] > section from this URL because the button will pass this information through itself and adding this twice will break the countdown)

  3. Set up your buttons to pass the URL parameters through to the next page.

  4. Add the Countdown Hero Code onto your Checkout Cart.