As you already know, Countdown Hero as the perfect tool for creating legitimate evergreen urgency for your subscribers in your promotions. Which means that when you add a CDH into your webinar campaign, you've got a seriously powerful combination.

Across these quick step-by-step guides, I'm going to show you how to use Countdown Hero for a variety of webinar funnels and setups. 

But first, this is super important when it comes to using CDH in your webinar campaigns;


Whilst it is possible to use a Countdown Hero inside your webinar campaigns, there is likely to be limitations when using other automated webinar tools.

This is because these evergreen webinar platforms typically don't allow you to merge the attendee's email address into your C2A links (something that is the foundation of how Countdown Hero works).

Because of this, we typically recommend that whenever you are using a time-based offer inside your evergreen webinars - you embed the video replay your own pages (and stop using a webinar platform with these limitations).

Whilst it may be tempting to use an alternate countdown tool in place of Countdown Hero for these situations, it is not recommended. 

Many of the other countdown tools on the market - or ones that come as a default inside your page builder - can be easily circumvented, meaning that you could be using 'False Urgency' - something that major legal companies such as the FTC (in the USA) and the ASA (in the UK) are clamping down on.

With many businesses already being prosecuted and fined because of this, along with new regulations coming in around using False Urgency, your best option is to switch your webinar replay rather than risk using another countdown tool.

SIDE NOTE: This is one of the major reasons that we built Countdown Hero in the first place. What many people may see as a limitation (using a subscriber's email address to track the timer), could just be the very thing keeping you protected from a hefty fine - and NOBODY wants a fine!

Plus, because it's tied to your subscriber's email address, it's surefire and inescapable. 

Which is even more important in 2024 and beyond because Google is going to be killing cookies in the very near future, which means that any timers that function based on cookies or browser settings are soon going to be totally derailed and potentially useless.

If you're using cookie-based timers in conjunction with an evergreen webinar platform, you'll need to rebuild things sooner or later anyways, so now is the perfect time to get this updated using Countdown Hero.

Right - that's all the boring, scary legal stuff aside - let's get stuck into setting up your webinar campaign using Countdown Hero!

Here's what we'll cover;

  1. Triggering Your Timer Based On Your Webinar Registration Form [CLICK HERE]

  2. Sending Your Subscribers From Your Webinar Replay To Your Sales/Checkout/ Offer Pages [CLICK HERE]

  3. Using Multiple Deadlines On Your Webinar Offer (eg. Fast-Action Bonuses) [CLICK HERE]

^^ I've written each of these in a way that you will get the most out of reading them in order - even if you're just looking for the 'Fast Action Bonuses' section. But of course, you can skim through these where necessary too!


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