In this article I'll show you how to trigger a deadline for your webinar subscribers using your Registration Form.

This is best used for SELF-HOSTED webinar campaigns that use registration forms on your webpages, with forms embedded directly from your email marketing platform.

REMEMBER: Using evergreen webinar platforms has a number limitations that doesn't make this possible in most platforms. You can find more information on the limitations (and what to do about them) in this article (CLICK HERE)

If you are using an 'Instant Webinar' where the regular ThankYou/ Confirmation Page contains the webinar replay and a Countdown Hero timer this will be perfect for you - or if your email platform has limitations with the types of trigger methods available (we're looking at YOU Kajabi...)

Finally, if you want to add a normal confirmation page after the registration form, then send the replay by email only, I'll show you how to set that up too. It does require access to a Countdown Hero - Pro level account, but I'll explain more on that later.

Let's get started! :)

PART 1: Your Basic Settings

  1. Create a new Countdown Hero

  2. Set up your 'Basic Settings' based on your particular requirements. For example, if you'd like the webinar replay and special offer to be available for just 5 days, set that up here. (More info on doing this can be found in this article)

PART 2: Your Registration Form Settings

  1. Once you've set up your Basic Settings, click 'Save & Next' to advance the 'Triggering Settings' tab and copy the 'ThankYou Page URL'. This is the trigger link that we will use to start the timer once your Webinar Registration Form is submitted.

    (NOTE: If you are using a platform that doesn't support the use of a ThankYou Page URL, that option won't be available. Instead, you should see an option called the 'Countdown Trigger Code' - copy that code)

  2. Open the editor for your Registration Page and complete the following;

    a) Using the ThankYou Page URL: Inside the settings for your registration form, paste the ThankYou Page URL that you've copied as the Confirmation page for this form.

    b) Using the Countdown Trigger Code: Paste this code inside a HTML element on your registration page, next to your registration form.

PART 3: Your Page & Design Settings

  1. In the 'Page Settings' tab, add the URL of your self-hosted webinar replay into the 'Active Offer page' field.

  2. Add an Expired Offer page into the 'Expired Offer Page' field.

    (PRO TIP: Create one 'Offer Expired' page and use that for all expired offers in your business. That way you're saving so much time by repurposing your existing page, rather than creating a new one each time - or needing to update all of them later. One page. One asset. Infinite usage. Thank me later! ;) )

  3. Choose your favourite design in the 'Design Settings' tab. If you have a Pro account, you'll be able to edit and customise these designs to match your brand too. (Not a Pro user? Click here to upgrade to Pro)

  4. Set up your Sales Tracking first, before going to Part 4. It takes a few seconds and once it's done, it'll be working for you and automatically tracking your evergreen webinar conversions in the background.

PART 4: Adding The Timer To Your Webinar Replay Page

  1. Return back to Countdown Hero and enable 'Test Mode' at the top right of your dashboard. This will disable your timer, allowing you to add it to and edit your pages.

  2. Next, click on the 'Design Settings' tab. You will notice that next to each timer, there will be a button titled 'Copy Embed Code to the Clipboard'. Click the one next to your Webpage Timer to copy the timer code.

  3. Open the Page Editor for your webinar replay page and paste the timer code that you've copied onto your page as a HTML element. If you are using our 'Inline' Page Position, you can add the timer onto the position of your page that you would like it to appear in. If you are using our floating banners, you can add the HTML code anywhere onto your page.

  4. Once you've added the timer code, return to Countdown Hero and disable Test Mode.

    This will activate your timer, meaning that your webinar replay page will now be locked and if you try to access this page using the 'normal' page URL, you will instead see a 404 Page (or be redirected to your 'Not In Countdown URL').

    Don't panic - if this is the case, that means that your Countdown Hero is working CORRECTLY. (More info on this here; Why is my page 404-ing?)

PART 5: Testing The Registration Form

Once you've added the trigger URL/ Code onto your Registration Page and the timer code onto your webinar replay page, you'll be able to test this by loading your Registration Page and registering for your webinar.

If this is set up correctly, you will be automatically redirected to your webinar replay page with the timer counting down to the deadline that you've set up.

If this is not set up correctly, you will likely see a 'Hero Processed' error page. If you are seeing this, it means that Countdown Hero didn't correctly capture the email address of your subscriber when they submitted the Registration Form. To fix this, simply follow the steps outlined inside this support article.

Want to add a 'Registration Confirmed' page instead?

Don't want to take your webinar registrants straight to your webinar replay page? No problem!

To add a separate Confirmation Page after the registration form, but still trigger the Countdown Hero, you'll need to use our 'Multiple Campaign Pages' feature.

NOTE: Because this is an advanced feature, it is only available inside of our Pro level CDH accounts. 
If you'd like to upgrade to Pro and unlock Multiple Campaign Pages, along with Unlimited Countdowns, Unlimited Contacts, our full Branding Suite and other nifty Pro features, you can upgrade for a one-time payment of $97 using this link (CLICK HERE)

(Make sure to use the same email address as the one that your account is registered with so that your account is automatically upgraded)

To set up your extra confirmation page, do the following;

  1. Open the Page Settings tab for your Countdown Hero.

  2. Click the big green 'Add a new redirect item' button to add a new pair of Active and Expired pages into your Page Settings.

  3. Inside the Active Countdown URL field, enter the URL of your regular ThankYou/ Registration Confirmation Page.

  4. Inside the Expired Countdown URL field, add the URL of your Expired page - OR - enable the 'Do Not Redirect' setting. Because we're not going to add the Countdown Hero timer onto this page, selecting Do Not Redirect won't affect the function of this particular page or countdown.

  5. Using the left-hand section of this row of pages, drag this row to the top of your Page Settings list. You should now see that there is some blue text marking this page as the 'Default' page. This means that when this timer is triggered using your registration form, it will redirect your to this Default page, instead of your Webinar Replay page.

BONUS IDEA: Fixing Low Registrations

Struggling to increase your registrations? Why not add another Countdown Hero onto your registration page to add another level of urgency into the registration process.

This is what we call 'Compound Urgency' and is something that we're testing in our business right now and it's working a treat! :)

And that's it - you've now set up your Webinar Registration Form to trigger the timer and redirect your subscribers to either your Confirmation or your Replay page, whilst also triggering the countdown timer too.

In the next article I'll show you how to link from your Webinar Replay page, to your Sales/Offer Page that is ALSO being protected by your Countdown Hero.

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